The news inside Oregon is not good, according to the governor's office and several media outlets.  The Oregonian reports that Covid cases are up 11% overnight and have set a new daily record of 2,941.

Eastern Oregon appears to be the hot spot as Governor Kate Brown recently dispatched over 1,500 Oregon National Guard Troops to help local hospitals in the area.  

Unlike last year at this time, the Oregon Coast has not been shut down due to wildfires and Covid. Last year, parts of Lincoln City had to be evacuated because of the western wildfire season. You can still see the remnants of the damage a year later.  

Devil's Punchbowl

Has the rise of Covid impacted the tourism industry at the Oregon Coast? We traveled to the 'Devil's Punchbowl' near Newport, Oregon, to find some answers. We found that most folks visiting the site did not wear masks outside except for a few folks. The state is adjusting to the statewide indoor mask mandate issued by Governor Brown last Friday.  


Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

"It's such a beautiful state; it would be a shame if they shut it down again," said Vicky, a young grandmother visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. She and her husband Mathew drove across the country instead of taking a flight to visit family. "We wanted to enjoy the time together without the hassle of having to mask up on those planes," she related to us.  

Oregon vs Idaho

Unlike Governor Brown, Idaho's Governor Brad Little did not issue a statewide mask mandate. He has urged Idahoans to take the vaccine to prevent any interruptions in the school year. Despite the rising rates and calls from government officials, life at the Oregon Coast appeared to be as close to normal as possible. Would you please enjoy the photos from the Devil's Punchbowl below?  

Devil's Punchbowl Covid Hotspot

Oregonians Struggle with new Covid Directives

Oregon Covid Hot Spot

Oregonians work to live a normal life as Covid rates continue to rise.

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