Watch a brilliant mixture of content, commercialism, camaraderie and a revival of a classic movie scene.  Companies are always looking for a way to go viral.  Trending and likes are today's new currency.  Nike has provided a textbook example of how, as they say, you just do it.  The video above is a remake of one of the many classic scenes in National Lampoons Animal House.  Who's not a fan of Otis Day and the Knights?

The video works on so many levels than simple product placement.  You don't have to be a die hard Duck fan to enjoy the video.  In fact, the video lets you in on who the characters are in it.  So if you're new to being a fan like me, you don't feel left out.  However, if you're an alum or a rabid fan of the Ducks the inclusion of the famous former athletes make you feel right at home.  Who doesn't like Dan Fouts or Marcus Marotta in a Toga?

Oregon Goes Animal House
Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Animal House filmed at the University of Oregon, so it makes sense to have Oregon Athletes reliving the 'Shout' scene with Otis Day and the Knights.  Nike does a great job of throwing in their shoe designer Tinker Hatfield as part of the cast.  It's goofy, fun, but it works.

Here's a rundown of the Oregon greats courtesy of SB Nation: Marcus Mariota, Dan Fouts, Ahmad Rashad, Dennis Dixon, LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner, Joey Harrington, English Gardner, Kenny Wheaton, Galen Rupp, Anthony Newman, J.J. Birden, Mandy White, Brandon Bair, Ashton Eaton. It also features some famous non-athletes like Ty Burrell, Neil Everett, and Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield.  The only cast members missing our Dean Vernon Wormer and Douglas Neidermeyer.

How does Oregon's Shout compare with the original?  Check out the original below.

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