A Boise pastor who spent years in Iranian Prison has been arrested for violating a no-contact order.  Pastor Saeed Abedeni who almost died while being held by the Iranian Government has been charged with a misdemeanor.  His capitivity garnered worldwide attention including Franklin Graham's Ministry.  Reverend Graham and Naghmeh Panahi, Saeed's exwife, relentlessly campaigned around the world for his release.

Their efforts to bring attention to Abedini and other prisoners plight resulted in their release after years of captivity.  Here is a photo of him shortly after his release from the Iranians.


Since return to the Treasure Valley, Saeed has been working on his ministry and appearing on the Fox News and Fox Business Channels.  He is expected in court Monday afternoon for a hearing.  This is not his first brush with the while living in Idaho.  Saeed was pled guilty to violating a protecting order last year, according to our news partner KTVB.

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