Why people on KIDO Talk Radio and social media are upset with the Speaker of the House visiting the Gem State.  The Idaho Statesman reports that Paul Ryan will be visiting Idaho.  Usually, you'd think most folks would be excited to meet and possibly speak with Speaker Ryan.  Unfortunately, you'll have to pay to talk, have lunch, or even a photo with him.

His pattern we've seen too often recently with politicians visiting the Treasure Valley.  They come in for a big money fundraiser if we're lucky they'll give a brief speech at the airport and collect their loot on the way flight back East.  Call me naive, but I believe there's more to political visits than the Gem State Money Grab.

Most people do not have faith in politicians.  They view them as opportunist instead of public servants.  Ryan's trip here reinforces that narrative.  Would you pay ten grand to eat lunch with anyone?  (Okay maybe Ric Flair if I had a money tree or a magic checkbook.)  How about five grand for a picture with Ryan?  No, it's not gold plated.  If you're a fiscal conservative, can you justify spending a grand to hear a speech?

According to the article, the only way you'll know where to find the Speaker in Idaho is by paying for access.  So the person who is the third ranking member of our government will not make himself available to the people of Idaho without a big money donation?  Is this any way to begin to restore public trust in our elected officials?

The answer would be no.  Paul Ryan can honor his 'working class' roots by meeting the real people of Idaho and not just the money class.

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