Failed liberal Democratic nominee for Governor Paulette Jordan announced today that she's back.  This time she's running for Senate against Senator Jim Risch, one of the most Conservative Senators in the country.Jordan, a former two-time state representative, garnered 38 percent of the vote two years ago in her campaign for governor.  The campaign was beset with embarrassing resignations and/or firings.  Critics said she was more focused on national media hits than getting elected.

Showing once again how out of touch she is with Idaho, Jordan chose to make her announcement to the national media via the Huffington Post.  Coincidentally, Jordan fired the first shot at Senator Risch claiming he's the one out of touch.

“We all watched as our current Senator embarrassed Idaho by falling asleep on the job during one of our nation’s most historic events,” said Jordan. “If Idahoans fell asleep at work, we would lose our jobs. This isn’t nap time. It’s time to get to work. Mr. Risch has spent 11 years in the Senate. We can’t afford to let him sleep away six more years.”

Jordan will have to win a Democratic primary to secure the nomination.  That will not be too difficult considering that she bested beloved Democratic Icon AJ Balukoff during her run for governor. The dynamic between Jordan and the state party will also be something to watch.  She openly feuded with party leaders and held her election night events at a different location than the rest of the Democratic ticket.

Her candidacy will get plenty of love from a sympathetic and out of touch national media that can't tell the difference between Idaho and Iowa. It will also unify the state Republican Party during a presidential year that will supercharge turnout.  I believe that the long-overdue presidential visit from President Donald Trump this year will happen to fire up the Republican base for Senator Risch.

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