Why are police departments across the country engaging each other in a lip sync battle? The videos have gone viral attracting millions of views around the world.
Law enforcement has taken a public relations beating in the last few years. Numerous critics claim that police are out of touch with their communities.
Protests, lawsuits, and other divisive incidents have impacted local law enforcement's ability to recruit new officers.
The solution has been a remarkable yet straightforward challenge between police departments worldwide, a lip sync challenge.
By allowing officers to engage in this activity, departments humanized officers and allow them to become part of the community. Everyone lip syncs, whether in private or public, the videos are funny. Seeing police acting like everyone else tears down the walls and distrust that have accumulated in the last few years.
Although the lip sync started small, expect it to have a long and profound impact on the country for many, many years to come.

Just in case you haven't seen one of the better videos, here's the Norfolk, Virginia Police Department.

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