Today Pope Francis meets with US Cardinals from around the country. This meeting is not a social visit. The group of Cardinals wants answers from the Pontiff concerning allegations of sexual abuse and coverups. Haven't we seen this movie before?

We did, the movie was Spotlight that detailed the groundbreaking reporting by the Boston Globe that uncovered the original crimes years ago. The result of the award-winning reporting was the acknowledgment that these crimes occurred.

Now we have the Pennsylvania Report stating that high ranking Cardinals within the church committed acts of sexual abuse. Critics charge Pope Francis aided in the coverup. The Pope said the devil is attacking the church.

That may be true. However, that does not excuse the acts of clergy who were trusted shepherds of the flock who've betrayed that trust. Pope Francis hasn't had a problem being vocal about political issues. He must now respond to these allegations with full transparency that we would expect from a parish priest, a rabbi, a pastor or a lay person.

Only when high ranking officials show there is a rightful zero tolerance for abuse and coverups will his credibility be restored. Millions of Catholics and Christians are awaiting his response.

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