President Donald Trump returns to action this weekend by visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma. Despite pleas from Oklahoma officials, the president is bringing back his roadshow. Presidential rallies fueled Donald Trump's presidential campaign to victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump's Saturday rally marks the first big event of the 2020 election cycle.

The president's appearance is not without controversy. Oklahoma officials told the president it was a bad idea due to the fear of spiking the population with more COVID cases. The mayor of Tulsa declared a curfew for the weekend. Their concerns could not deter the president and his Oklahoma voters from pulling off this event.

Over one million people requested tickets to the rally. The venue in Tulsa only holds twenty thousand people, so who knows how folks got their tickets. CSPAN will be carrying the rally live on Saturday night. Reports from Washington indicate that there will be plenty of big-name surrogates along with some celebrity music guests.

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