President Donald Trump took to the airwaves Saturday afternoon announcing that he's will to work with the Democrats to reopen the government.

Despite overwhelming adverse reporting, the president continues to work to safeguard America. Both California Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, and New York Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, rejected the offer before they heard it.

Is this the action of responsible public servants that care about their constituents? Or for the matter, care about our country? The answer would be no. We all know that over 800,000 government workers are working without a paycheck. Their inaction is unacceptable, just like not securing our borders for over thirty years.

President Trump understands that if he capitulates now, the Wall and border security will never be improved. The president has brought much-needed attention to this sensitive issue. The media continues to back the Democrats over what's right for America's Future. Let's hope that someone on their side realizes the need to make a deal.

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