The Commission on Presidential Debates has decreed the three sites where this year's presidential debates will be held.  (Gee, where does on get a gig like that one?)

The three states that will host the debates are Ohio in Cleveland, Florida in Miami and Nashville in Tennessee.  Do you notice what's missing?  Is it me or where are any states west of Tennessee?  Never mind the Great River, why isn't the fastest growing region in the country hosting a showdown between Biden and President Trump?

The state of Alabama has petitioned the committee to add an extra debate that the heart of Dixie state would like to host.  Why not Idaho?  In the past, we've advocated to host the national republican convention.  Idaho is a growing state that is attracting Americans from all over the country.  A debate here would showcase the Gem State Life.  (Then again, it's not that we need anymore people deciding to move here.)  Well, there's always the vice presidential debates, let's hope the West gets a shot at them.

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