There's been a lot of talk about whether or not the Census include the question of 'are you a citizen?' Only in the post-Obama world could anyone have a problem with that question.

Without regurgitating the left's talking points on this matter, let's get to the real issue. Whether or not, our government should be counting noncitizens as constituents. This count is critical because the makeup of the House of Representatives is based on population.

Several states, led by California, state that asking folks about their citizenship status could lead to people not responding the questioners. Which could cause states to lose seats in the House?

How can anyone, liberal/progressive, demonize citizenship? Being an American Citizen is the highest honor that one can have worldwide. Look at all the people that dream of coming to America legally, let's hope, or illegally.

The president is right to bring back this legitimate question. The Census was designed by the Founding Fathers to measure American Citizens. Not take attendance for political gain.


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