Sometimes after a hard day of adulting and dealing with opinionated mouth-breathers, a grown-up tantrum is the mental sabbatical we need. 

And that's where rage rooms, smash rooms, and anger rooms come in.

For ages 16 years and older, these rooms are safe, purpose-built spaces where peeved patrons are welcome to wreck whatever they want to their heart's content. Also known as destruction therapy in popular science circles, many regard the experience as an emotionally cleansing release from pent-up rage and suppressed aggression.

In short, people believe it's a healthy way to manage their troubling emotions.

Rage rooms often adopt the appearance of abandoned warehouses. They're furnished with everything from oddities like over-sized fish tanks to common home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. Flat-screen televisions, windshields, printers, monitors, dryers, and machinery are also popular smashables.

Increasing in popularity for the convenience they lend an operation are rage rooms located in or quite close to scrapyards. As one might imagine, scrapyards and junkyards offer rage rooms an endless inventory of intrigue and mystery at little or no cost to business owners.

Newcomers can expect to enjoy 15 to 60 minutes of unimpeded smash time. With that, they can also expect to pay handsomely for the experience. Smash packages vary widely and according to party size and inventory smashed. Popular tools of the smash trade include baseball bats, crow bars, and golf clubs!


1 || Stress reduction

2 || Temper control

3 || A freeing sense of exploration & curiosity

4 || A unifying bond with fellow smashers

5 || Fun unlike anything else out there!

If you're ready to rage, check out the following five local rage rooms!


The Demolition Zone in Eugene, Oregon

attachment-Demolition Zone

Photo by || The Demolition Zone


Hammer Time Idaho in Nampa, Idaho


Photo by || Unsplash


Smash In Therapy in Idaho Falls, Idaho


Photo by || Unsplash


Smash It Rage Rooms in Ogden City, Salt Lake City, Provo & Logan, Utah


Photo by || Unsplash


Rage Industry in Seattle, Washington


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