The call to venture beyond state borders typically becomes popular among Idahoans this time of year, particularly for two types of people: Snow sport enthusiasts and snowbirds. Snow sport enthusiasts enjoy what Idaho has to offer, but they also like taking advantage of the opportunities in some of our neighboring states. Snowbirds are people who leave Idaho when it snows, to enjoy something warmer like Arizona, or dare we say... California.

However, there's one state the is rated among the best for winter travel, and it just so happens to be a neighboring state to Idaho.


Wyoming, particularly Jackson Hole, has emerged as a top destination for those in search of a snowy retreat. With its picturesque landscapes and diverse winter offerings, Wyoming provides an idyllic escape for Idahoans looking to embrace the season.

Photo by Aubrey Odom on Unsplash
Photo by Aubrey Odom on Unsplash

Here are four reasons why Wyoming is the perfect winter retreat:

Winter Sports: Wyoming has world-renowned ski resorts. From the slopes of Jackson Hole to the pristine trails of Grand Teton National Park, visitors can carve through fresh powder, taking in the breathtaking mountain views.

Yellowstone: For a unique winter experience, Yellowstone National Park transforms into a winter wonderland, and the iconic geothermal features contrast with the snow-covered landscape — creating a mesmerizing winter scene you won't find anywhere else.

Wildlife Encounters: From elk to bison, these majestic creatures roam freely, and you will inevitably witness them in their natural habitat.

Charming Small Towns: Wyoming's charming small towns offer cozy western vibes and a feeling of separation from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life — with, of course, lots of shopping, dining, relaxing retreats and more.

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