The fallout continues to resonate from the group of conservative legislators who met at the legislature recently.  Originally their goal was to convene a special session that would challenge the governor's power to unilaterally make decisions impacting the state of Idaho.   The fifteen lawmakers were cheered on by a crowd of over 200 people who supported their efforts.  Since there wasn't enough legislators to form a quorum, the legislators declared this is the first step in raising public awareness about excessive power.  The group issues a proclamation which you can read here.

The legislative meeting was the first attempt to challenge the authority of Governor Little.  As we've documented in our story yesterday, the governor has had a relatively smooth ride enacting his health directives with limited opposition.  Other governors have had to face lawsuits as well as challenges from their legislative branch.  Idaho's part time legislature is now in recess until January when they will wait for the governor to call them back into session.

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