Alan Colmes died at the age of sixty six and we lost a beloved liberal foil to our conservative ideas.    Colmes was a liberal radio powerhouse long before his days of hosting Hannity and Colmes with Sean Hannity.  He started his career as a standup comedian and used humor during his many debates with conservatives.

I appeared on Hannity and Colmes several times while covering the Duke Lacrosse Case.  Allen was always hard hitting but fair.  He really wanted to convince us that the liberal view was superior to that of conservatives.  Alan never took it to the gutter or got personal.  A lesson today's commentators and pundits seem to miss.

I met Alan a few times and had the chance to sit next to him at Talk Radio Panel hosted by the Heritage Foundation.  He treated every question with the same tenacity as he did on his prime time television show.

We may not have agreed with Alan all the time.  However we will miss our liberal friend Alan Colmes.  You can watch the Fox News Channel's tribute to him here.

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