Robert Conrad died at the age of 84.  For most of us that grew up in analog America, Conrad was the quintessential model of the American Male.  Whether he was playing super secret agent James West in Wild Wild West or 'Pappy Boyington in Ba Ba Black Sheep, Conrad command the screen.  His career is well documented by our friends at Fox News.

I grew up watching the adventures of Conrad's character James West.  He and his partner, Artemis Gordon traveled the country by train fighting bad guys in a combination Western/Sci Fi series.  By the way, full disclosure they were both bachelors that loved chasing the women.  West was the alpha who always got into trouble, but with the help of Gordan and his secret gadgets always beat the bad guys.  You can get a vibe of the show here.

The world was simple and honest on television back then.  It was good verses evil, right verses wrong.  The men were masculine and heroic.  Sadly, a show like Wild, Wild, West couldn't be made today.  Too politically incorrect, too much toxic masculinity.  (Whatever that means.)    Here's a full episode.

Heroes were role models and the villains were sometimes comical.  Robert Conrad became famous later in life by filming a battery commercial.  It went viral before there was a thing as going viral.

Rest in Peace Robert Conrad...

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