In the end, President Donald Trump was vindicated.  Despite thousands of uninformed predictions from liberal pundits and pseudo experts, Robert Mueller rested his case.  There will be no indictments of the Trump Family.  Years and millions of dollars spent chasing speculative allegations of a 'Russian Influence in the 2016 elections, the special council rested his case without a high profile connection to the Trump Administration.

Sadly, Robert Mueller's reputation, last week as unimpeachable to say the least, is now under assault from the same progressives that so eagerly cheered him on.  The liberal media industrial complex, the partnership between the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media, is not happy with Mueller's results.

Adam Schiff, the Democratic Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has stated that he will subpoena Mueller's Report, reports Mother Jones Magazine.  Schiff has been making the rounds on any cable channel, from public access to MSNBC, speculating that President Trump broke the law.  The California Representative along with his media acolytes want the Mueller Report to be made public.

MSNBC's Chris Mathews aired his disappointment Friday night by saying "I can't believe that Mueller let Trump off the hook."  (Watch the video here.)  It seems that 37 indictments are not enough for the Liberal Mob Rule Crowd.  The new narrative is that the American Public demands to know what was in the report.

I'm sure the American Public cares more about who's winning their tournament brackets than another political story.  The Libs have once again lost their minds by chasing Trump.  It's time to move on from irresponsible and misinformed statements that undermine our faith in our American Republic.

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