Russ Fulcher exclusively told Kevin Miller this morning that he will move his campaign for governor to run for Idaho's First Congressional Seat.  Fulcher's decision reduces the Republican field to Lt.Gov. Brad Little, Dr. Tommy Ahlquist,and Congressman Raul Labrador.Fulcher explained his decision this morning on KIDO Talk Radio. "In 2014, I was the candidate for governor, we did pretty well, I learned so much and was inspired.  That carried over to 2016, there was not a candidate for governor that I thought could bring about change.

We have been in this race for several months and it's been a blessing.  Meanwhile other candidates have filed.  Unlike, when I filed, there is significant overlap.

I have to take a a look at this and believe in servant leadership.  Do I maintain this path and splinter the vote.  Individuals that think with the same values that I do.

Servants need to go where they are most need.  That is the 1st Congressional District.  I'm withdrawing from the Governor's Race to run for the 1st Congressional District."

Congressman Raul Labrador said,

"I fully support Russ Fulcher in his bid to become the next Congressman from Idaho's 1st. District.  Russ' background as an international businessman, legislative Senate leader, and champion of small government makes him an excellent candidate for U.S. Congress.  Having him serve in Washington D.C. would give me great confidence that the fight for liberty will continue.  I am convinced that this is the best move for Republican Party unity and also the best move to change the direction of our state and country.


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