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it's a case that has been building since former President Obama 'created' a unconstitutional solution to the problem of children that were brought into this country illegally.  They're not America citizens and yet they've only lived in this country.   Like the conversations involving illegal immigration, this topic is very polarizing.  Now the country's highest court will hear the case.  The fate of up to 800,000 children of immigrants could be affected this week when the Supreme Court considers the fate of the federal DACA program. DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, allows so-called "Dreamers", or children of illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. prior to 2007, to remain here without being deported.

Politicians from both sides have tried to reach a solution involving the DACA kids.  Some want the kids deported back to their country of origin, while others want them to be granted American citizenship because they've only lived in America.  Local and state governments have used the courts in their areas to try and figure out a reasonable solution.  Several presidential candidates have mentioned DACA during their campaign speeches.

The Trump administration has declared the DACA program to be illegal, and the Supreme Court is set to begin hearing arguments on Tuesday.  A decision on the program isn't expected until 2020 at the earliest. Should the DACA program be allowed to stay in place?  How would it affect the 2020 election if it were struck down?


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