Ultimately, the Idaho Senate continues its reputation as the place where all good bills go to die. Republicans and Democrats decided that a bill that would've helped Idaho families educate their kids would not become law. SB 1038 was voted down 23-12 that transcended party lines. The bill would've provided around six thousand dollars for parents who want to send their kids to private or home schools. Critics called the bill vouchers pledging that public education dollars would be lost if the bill became law.

Education continues to be the number one issue in Idaho. Despite lawmakers' efforts, schools continue to ask for and need more money. Last year, Governor Little called a special session of the legislature to give schools an additional four hundred million dollars.

Senators from both sides of the bill took to the floor and social media to express their thoughts on the legislation.


Another educational bill is the Idaho Launch program, backed by Governor Little. If passed, the bill would pay $8,500 to Idaho students who graduate high school for continued education. One catch: graduates must enroll in 'state-approved' education programs to get the money.

The Idaho Capital Sun had a chance to gather opinions from both supporters and detractors of SB1038.

Idaho Education Association: “This is a significant win for public education.”

Mountain States Policy Center: “The education choice debate in Idaho’s current legislative session is still in the first couple of innings. Stay tuned.”

Reclaim Idaho: “This is a huge victory for Idaho that was made possible by the thousands of Idahoans across the state who took a stand for our public schools and said NO to vouchers.”

Idaho Freedom Foundation: “Now we know how far we need to go in making Idaho a truly conservative state.”

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