Find out why Senator Crapo wrote a letter of commendation to Kevin Miller.  Wednesday Morning Senator Mike Crapo announced on the air that he wrote Kevin Miller a letter of commendation for winning the Marconi Award for the Medium Market Personality of the Year.  The Senator voiced his admiration for Miller's commitment to the Treasure Valley.  He presented the talk host with the letter during an in-studio guest appearance.

In the letter, Senator Crapo mentioned how important it was for Kevin Miller's programs: Miller's Mission, Letter's From Home, Boise To Baghdad, The Freedom Walk, and Kevin in The Kennel.

"I'm honored by your letter and I'm so grateful to be here in the Treasure Valley," Miller replied on 580 KIDO.  He and Senator Crapo joked about 'putting us on the map.'  The show continued as several listeners had questions for the Senator.