You remember what Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris said while campaigning for the White House?  She was the candidate that openly bragged about drafting an executive order in her first 100 days in office to take your guns.  Well, the former California Attorney General now wants to bring back and oldy but a goody when it comes to limiting your right to keep and bear arms.  She's openly saying that she and Joe Biden will bring back the assault weapons ban that was passed during the Clinton Administration but later expired and was never renewed.  CBS8 reports has a great article detailing how Biden/Harris could make America just like California.

If elected, Harris will be the tip of the spear to pass an assault weapons ban in Congress.  Democrats have yet to clearly define what is an assault weapon or how many rounds a magazine can hold.  However, Harris is a former prosecutor who started her career at the local level.

The question of whether or not an assault weapons ban happens relies on who controls the Senate.  If the president wins reelection then chances are the Republicans will retain control in the Senate. However, if Senator Schumer is now the majority leader in the Senate along with Nancy Pelosi in the House, they'll be no one to stop the Democrats from passing a new control bill or bills.

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