If you're a male in Idaho between the ages of 11-70 and someone reaches out to you on social media and they appear to go to be true, you could be a target of a social media scam warns the Cassia County Sheriff's Department.Deputy Gomez posted on Facebook that the scam involves a college student from seeking a private conversation on Facebook.  The messages usually involve small talk and what the males do for a living.  According to the post, the 'college student cajoles the male to take off their cloths and get naked.  Once that happens, the trouble starts for the victim in the form of online extortion.

From the Cassia County Facebook Page: Within a few minutes the male is contacted online by some agency stating they have a video of the male nude (which they do) and will be sharing the video with all the male’s contacts and their co-workers. They also explain that the female in the video chat is under age and the authorities will be contacted unless the victim sends some amount of money via Western Union. The amount of money is usually between $200-$500 dollars.

Reportedly, the demand for money continues until the victim runs out of money.  The perpetrators then move on to the next victim.  Besides the obvious, don't take your clothes off on social media for strangers, friends, or family members, the sheriff's department shared the following tips to avoid getting extorted.


1) Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know (no matter how pretty they are).
2) Don’t send nude photos or appear nude in a live chat no matter who you think it is.
3) Don’t send any money to anyone on Western Union (rent scheme, craigslist scheme, many other schemes.)
4) If being extorted call the police and report it. Don’t send money or they will get every bit of money you have.
5) This applies for many social media applications.

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