What's going on?

Kevin Miller Show 10/11/19
Kevin Miller reviews last night's Democratic LGBTQ that was televised on CNN.  Kevin Miller took phone calls from listeners responding to his topic.  He continued his assault on the global warming folks.  He demonstrated how cold it is in Idaho and Denver, Colorado...
Kevin Miller Show 10/9/19
Kevin Miller begins the program by pointing out that globally warming is a false premise.  He states that the recent cold spells prove that climate change is fiction.  He takes calls from listeners who agree and some who disagree with him...
Thank You Aaron
And Idaho hasn't forgotten, Mr. Paul. So in honor of Mr. Paul's return to Idaho, we'd like to thank you Aaron for entertaining us once again.
Oregon Bans Vaping
She has been under fire for her approach to the carbon tax/anti-logging agenda that caused several Oregon Senate Republicans to flee the state.
Star Card Propaganda
Eventually due to threats that Idahoans would not be allowed on planes traveling other to other states, forced the Gem State to bend the knee.