Well, we all had such high hopes for this year's Idaho Legislature. Surely in an election year, Idaho's public servants would keep their promise to repeal the state's 6% sales tax on groceries. That appears to be a dream that will go unanswered once again.
Monday, MagicValley.com has reported that the House Revenue and Taxation Committee booted two bills that would've begun the process of repealing the grocery tax.
House Majority Leader told the publication he favors a tax credit proposal sponsored by Speaker Bedke. "I would much rather give back Idaho citizens more than they're paying in sales tax on groceries through a credit than subsidize somebody that's here recreating in our state or here illegally," said Moyle after the meeting.
This vote will not endear the Republicans on the committee who voted to kill the bill.
Once again, it appears the grocery tax will not be repealed as promised by elected officials when they ran for office two years ago.

The other big enchilada that is on voters' minds is property tax relief. The Legislature is hearing from local and county officials today. They're in Boise to testify that a move to limit the raising of property taxes will hinder their ability to serve the public. Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling joined us this morning to urge the governor and lawmakers to form a committee to study how a freeze will impact cities and counties.

The Legislature says they want to help Idahoans stay in their homes. Then again, they said they'd repeal the grocery tax. Let's hope they'll keep their word 50 percent of the time.

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