Forget the Olympics, the Super Bowl, or the latest incarnation of the Star Wars Movie. This Tuesday's debate between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden is the big event of our time. So in honor of the 'Clash of Champions,' here's my every four-year list of why you should join us for our debate watch party.

  1. It's at a Drive-In. That's right were holding our debate watch party at the Terrace Drive-In in Caldwell. So both of the candidates will be very, very, BIG!
  2. Will Joe Biden be competitive against President Trump? The former vice president did not fair very well during the limited Democratic Primary debate season. Will Biden be a more effective debater one on one?
  3. Joe Biden part 2. If Biden survives the onslaught from President Trump does that mean he wins? In other words, has the bar been lowered so much that any performance without a major gaffe is a good one?
  4. How good will President Trump perform? Just as the bar is lowered for Biden, how good does the president have to be to score points with those that doubt his ability to lead?
  5. Can Chris Wallace be fair and balanced? It's a major honor for the Fox News Sunday anchor to be the host of the first debate. Will he grill both candidates fairly? 
  6. It's at a Drive-In! Who doesn't like a Drive-In? Depending on your comfort level, you can safely social distance by staying in your car or getting outside.  
Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

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