We do live in historic times.  Forget the Covid, the election, what happened yesterday should be a message to all that we do not need to defund the police.  For years, the left has advocated, and sometimes succeeded, in vilifying our nation's finest.  Once again, they were proven wrong by the actions of law enforcement yesterday during the defense of the Capitol Rotunda.  Thank goodness we have law enforcement in our lives.  What would've happened if there wasn't any resistance to the mob yesterday?  The media coverage reminded me of that all old story, a tale of two cities.  Our courageous media, that stood by sympathetically to the rioters last Summer, condemned the folks who broke into Congress.  There were no concerns about police brutality yesterday that the media airred.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Alexander Hamilton, who I would agree, is the most important founding father installed a strong central government into the Constitution.  Hamilton wrote famously about the dangers of mob rule.  In response to the Whiskey Rebellion, Hamilton successfully realized that the Articles of Confederation did not provide enough power to the federal government.  He, and others, replaced that flawed document with today's Constitution.

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

For the last year, we've seen the unfortunate consequences of mob rule.  It is time for all parties to reinforce our American values, institutions, and especially law enforcement.  We must respect our laws and adhere to them.  We can't allow politicians and the media to drive us down a rabbit hole of anarchy.

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