Today was supposed to be the day that America chose Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Biden was going to win big. The senate would turn blue, and Nancy Pelosi would have more liberal acolytes in the House. Refreshingly, America has said no to empty suit Joe, Chucky the Schumer in the Senate, and Nancy lost some seats.

The Democrats invested over 100 million dollars in Senate races in Kentucky and South Carolina. (I'm sure there are a few others that I missing.) To put it bluntly, although outspent, the Republicans were not outworked, and Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnel will be returning to the United States Senate.

Big money Democrat fundraisers must be going through some type of indescribable regret. I'd say buying lottery tickets would've been a better investment than funding Democratic candidates.

What Happened?

Just like in 2016, the pollsters were wrong. I don't know if it's possible to sue for malpractice, but somebody should look into that possibility. Biden was predicted to win Wisconsin by 17 points? They're still counting ballots at this time! Here's another one: Biden would win Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Having worked and lived in all three states, I knew that was not possible. Georgia is one of the most conservative states in the country. The North Carolina Republican Party was built by Senator Jesse Helms. Senator Helms was one of the most conservative senators in the nation's history. Florida has and always will be reliably red.

The lesson once again is not to believe the media propaganda. The media wanted to depress Trump turnout. They failed in their efforts. Stay tuned true believers!



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