How will firefighters stop it?   The Soda Fire has now grown to over 265,000 acres and is a challenge according to the experts who are fighting it.  The fire has been contained only by 11%-12%.  Another incident management team will be on the fire line beginning Saturday Morning at 6 am.  The additional team will take command of the South end of the fire South of Highway 95.  The other team will attack the fire on the North end on the Oregon side.

Mike Weyland, Incident Commander with Great Basin Team 5, explained what they hope to accomplish this weekend.  "Our objectives are to work down on the Northeast Corridor of the fire near Highway 78 near Murphy.  They're doing a burnout with the anticipated wind changes.  The guys are planning to do a voluntary evacuation if need be."

The team is working with the Boise BLM to save the Wildhorse Program.  They're opening gates and providing feed and water to the horses.  Weyland described the effort to save the horses, "Frankly there's nothing left for them to eat and the water sources are few and far between.  We're going to try and save as many horses as we can."  There have been no confirmed injuries.

The firefighters are using a variety of methods to fight the Soda Fire.  Over 500 firefighters, miles of bulldozers, helicopters, and airplanes are working overtime.  The mood on the ground is going well.  Jason Butler, the operations section chief, said, "the crew is doing a lot of good work out there.  The rest of the fire is looking really good.  Our focus right now is in Reynolds Creek Area."

Roads continue to be opened and closed depending on the wind and fire conditions.  Click here for up to the minute road information.

Officials still cannot determine when the fire will be under control.

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