Call it the government, the Deep State, or the usual incompetent ramblings from the powers that emanate from Washington DC.  If your state is one of the very few, like Idaho, that have not complied with the madatory star card for domestic travel, you have only a year to get your act together.  (Isn't ironic that some politicians are calling for open borders and yet now your driver's licnence isn't good enough to allow you to travel on a plane?)

Idaho, perhaps like a few other states, tried to resist this new federal mandate by arguing the state has a right to determine identification requirements.  Eventually due to threats that Idahoans would not be allowed on planes traveling other to other states, forced the Gem State to bend the knee.

You are now officially on the clock to get your Real ID. If not, you might not be able to fly.October 1st marks the one-year countdown until you will need to have a Real ID or another acceptable form of identification to fly domestically. The deadline to update your ID is October 1, 2020. Most states have identical requirements to update your current driver's license or ID cards to be Real ID compliant. Other forms of ID you'll be able to use to fly include passports and Military ID's.Have you changed your ID over yet? Do you think you will wait until the last minute to get it done?

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