It's happened again. Another traffic accident caused multiple delays on our major artery to and from work during our morning commute. Thankfully as of this time, no one was killed in the fire-burning accident that delayed thousands Tuesday morning. Nine vehicles were involved Tuesday, and the Idaho State Police are investigating the crash. The accident caused traffic to be blocked or delayed for most of Tuesday around the area.

Details on the injured

Three folks were taken to local hospitals for minor injuries, according to an ISP press release. One female from Boise has life-threatening injuries and is at a local hospital at this time. At this time, one Boise woman remains hospitalized with what are reported to be life-threatening injuries. Three others were transported to nearby hospitals with reportedly minor injuries. The investigation into the cause of the crash remains ongoing.

What happened?

What ISP knows at this time.

At this time, it appears the incident began in the eastbound lanes when the driver of a red Toyota Tacoma pickup, a 28-year-old man from Parma, made a sudden lane change, hitting the semi loaded with lumber. That semi sideswiped an eastbound passenger vehicle before crashing through the concrete median, catching fire, and hitting a westbound semi that jack-knifed.

Investigators believe flying debris from one of the semis hit the roof of a westbound Toyota Camry. The impact appears to have knocked the driver unconscious, but her vehicle continued forward. The Camry was located .45 miles past the initial crash scene still in a westbound lane. The driver, a 27-year-old woman from Boise, was taken to the hospital with what are reportedly life-threatening injuries.

The fallout from the accident took several hours to clear involving multiple state and local agencies.  ISP thanks Boise and Meridian Police, the Ada County Sheriff's Department, Ada County EMS, Boise and Meridian Fire, the Idaho Transportation Department, and responding tow companies.

This incident remains under active investigation by the Idaho State Police.

Time for an outer loop

Tuesday's multi-vehicle accident underscores the need for the state to develop and build an outer loop for semi-trucks driving through the state. The issue continues to be ignored by our elected leaders while more and more vehicles continue to clog Treasure Valley roads.  You can look at the proposal southern loop here.  What about a western route?  Take a look at that one here.

The more immediate fix to our commute is by ending aggressive, distracted, and stupid people driving on our roads. Drivers have continued to ignore speed limits, tailgate drivers, not use their turn signals, and text while driving. It's time for all of us to remember driving is a privilege and not a right. Driving to and from work should not cost someone their life.

Not the first time

This is the second major accident recently on I-84 in the last few weeks.  You can watch that video below.

Are you an aggressive driver?

The state has developed a checklist for aggressive driving.

 You are an aggressive driver if you drive in a pushy, bold or selfish manner, which puts yourself and others at risk.

Aggressive driving is a contributing factor in nearly half of all crashes in Idaho.

Up to three-fourths of all aggressive-driving crashes occur in urban areas.

More than four out of five fatal aggressive-driver crashes that involved a single vehicle occurred in rural areas.

Young drivers, ages 19 and younger, are over 4 times as likely to be involved in an aggressive-driving crash than all other drivers.

For more information of safer driving by clicking the link here.

Road Rage Kills

Years ago, I covered the first female on female road rage death.  If you're ever tempted to confront someone on the road, read this story here.

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