Contrary to popular, or protestor, belief, one size does not fit all when it comes to education in Idaho and America. Thursday a few students, we're led to believe, decided that they couldn't take the face that Betsy DeVos was the new secretary of education. They were so disturbed that they decided to send a message to the Trump Administration by skipping school and marching on the Statehouse.
Multiple local media outlets echoed the message of the student protesters which was anti-DeVos, anti-Trump and anti any education that wasn't part of the public schools. Reports indicated that this was a grassroots rally organized by high school students.
Students from Boise State, Borah, Capital, Boise, Idaho City Schools, North Junior High, and Sage International School took part according to Idaho Education News. This protest was a follow-up to the statements from the Idaho Education Association's negative comments concerning Secretary DeVos.
Does anyone really believe that 'high school students' really care about who the Secretary of Education is? Can any of these activists name who proceeded Betsy DeVos? Or runs the Department of Homeland Security? I'd guess not. The Rally/Protest was a well publicized futile effort in absurdity.
I doubt the president or any member of the administration will be was moved by a bunch of kids committing truancy. Most of us who work daily understand what this was. An excuse to skip school, bad mouth schools that aren't public and show the futility of flawed education system.
If the student protestors valued their education, they would show it. Hold the protest on the weekend, appreciate the value of learning Calculus, History, etc. Most educated citizens understand that they're many ways to get an education. How many of us are a product of charter, home, Catholic, private, and public schools? One size does not fit all when it comes to learning. Let's hope the student protesters learn how to think critically instead of following the latest fad.

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