It is a forbidden topic that tragically impacts everyone in the country. Idaho is no exception when it comes to suicide or thoughts of suicide. Although suicide rates have dropped nationally in the last two years, reports the CDC, thoughts of suicide have increased locally, says Faces of Hope in a press release.

The group reports that during 2020 more victims sought help from having suicidal thoughts. Faces of Hope counselors worked with an increase of victims who were coping with abuse, violence, and trauma.

Was Covid a factor in the increase?

Faces of Hope professionals say they have observed an increase in suicidal ideation and hospitalization. They believe this is due to the isolation from Covid is a crucial reason for the rise. The counselors dealt with a variety of Idahoans dealing with challenges augmented by the shutdowns.

“This January, our crisis counselors started seeing an increase in the number of victims experiencing significant mental health psychoses, manic episodes, and suicidality,” Faces of Hope Executive Director Paige Dinger said. “We believe we are not yet at the peak as many victims are still isolated and not able to reach out for help.”

15% increase in the last two months

The group reports that their folks continue to see an increase in thoughts of suicide.  They urge anyone who is a victim to contact them at 208-577-4400.  Walk ins are welcome at 417 S 6th Street Boise, Idaho 83702 from 8am-5pm.

Faces of Hope provides medical, educational, emotional, and legal support at no cost to the victim of abuse.

What to do if your having thoughts of suicide.

800-273-8255 is the number for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline

(208) 398-4357 is the text line. 

Idaho Suicide Prevention

800-273-8255 Is the national hotline

Lifeline is there website.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


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