With time running out, the group Take a Stand Now (TASN) is calling on the Idaho Legislature to reconvene on a single issue to resolve the mandatory vaccine issue for Idaho's health care workers. The request is a result of the 'vaccinate or terminate' dictate issued by Primary Health, Saint Luke's, and Saint Alphonsus. The providers have given a September deadline to workers to get vaccinated, or they will be fired.  

Have you heard of Idaho's healthcare shortage? When's the last time you tried to see your doctor? Is it us, or has there been continued longer delays in getting medical attention? Hospitals blame rising Covid rates for cutting back other surgeries. However, we hear that many healthcare workers are leaving the profession because of the mandate.  

Take A Stand Now continues to ask the legislature for help in a recent release:

"The health care corporations are counting on an increase in vaccination rates now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine. In a poll completed by TASN on Monday, the question-Now that the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine has full FDA approval, will you get the vaccine? Over 95% of respondents answered 'no'" said TASN spokesperson Victoria Stump.

West Ada Parents Opt Out of Mask Mandate

West Ada Parents lining up to get their kids out of wearing a mask during the school year.

"In light of employer COVID-19 vaccine mandates and some states/districts taking the position that the renewal of healthcare licensing will hinge on vaccine status, TASN will be sending a proposal to members of the Idaho State Legislature," Stump said.

The TASN proposal would call for the Idaho House and Senate to reconvene on employee COVID-19 vaccine mandates with the individual legislators making a written commitment to meet on this single issue.

"This proposal unites Idaho in the fight to preserve healthcare in the state, as well as the individual rights of Idahoans to make their own health decisions without threat of lost wages and financial devastation," Stump concluded.


Both the House and the Senate will receive this proposal, and if enough signatures are collected, the Idaho Legislature can move forward to protect its people.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little has not spoken in favor of the legislature returning to session. House Speaker Scott Bedke has refused to call the legislature back into session. Several Republican Senators have called on a meeting between the group and the hospitals. So far, the hospitals have not taken the senators up on their offer. Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has called on Speaker Bedke to reconvene the legislature.

Take a Stand Now is having a rally Thursday from 5pm-7pm at Saint Luke's in Meridian.  The group has started a Go Fund Me Page.  Here is the link.

Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise

Nampa Workers Protest Photos

Nampa Hospital Workers Protest the Vax Mandate

Nampa Patriots Continue to Protest the Vax Mandate

Nurses and healthcare workers as the public to help them stop the vax mandate from local hospitals.

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