Last week, we completed another week of Miller's Mission. A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by, donated online, or said a few prayers for the Boise Rescue Mission Ministries. Some folks may find this hard to believe, but we enjoy our time together while living at the Wal Mart in Nampa on Garrity and Franklin.

A huge thank you to our friends at Don Francisco's Coffee, who generously supplied us with our hospitality sweet. Coffee is the fuel that allows us to broadcast in the early morning, and so many folks further enjoyed themselves thanks to Don Francisco's.

Twice a year, we aim to raise awareness of the good works of the Boise Rescue Mission. For over sixty-three years, the mission has served not only Boise but the entire Treasure Valley. They do not receive funding from the state or federal governments. Your donations feed families in the Treasure Valley.

This November will mark the 10th anniversary of your fundraising efforts. The first Miller's Mission took place at the River of Life Shelter in downtown Boise. I lived at the shelter for a week, and we collected several turkeys that were donated to the Boise Rescue Mission.

The success of our first week of giving allowed us to do it again in the Spring. The Spring Mission is very special because most Idahoans are looking forward to a vacation, while charitable giving is not top of mind. So, once again, thank you for making a difference and being a part of this beautiful Treasure Valley Community.

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