It's been a pretty mild winter so far in Idaho, but wow these storms were some doozies!

Check out footage from the Twin Falls Historical Society of the winter of 1948-49. Unbelievable amounts of snow took over Idaho! For more information on these storms visit

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    North Star Avalanche

    Hailey, Idaho - 1917

    Let's start all the way back in 1917. It's the most tragic winter related incident to make the cut. 15 miners were killed and 17 others were injured on February 25th in what has been called the North Star Mine Disaster. Luckily, 20 men escaped without harm but to make matters worse, Hailey saw the heaviest snowfall in the cities history over the next three days.

  • Credit: Getty Images/Topical Press Agency
    Credit: Getty Images/Topical Press Agency

    The Great Winter of 1949

    Southern Idaho

    The winter of 1949 has gone down in state history as the most deadly storm ever recorded in Idaho. This storm completely shut down southern Idaho. There were consistently negative temperatures, relentless snow for six weeks, and the whole economy basically shut down. Hundreds of animals starved or froze to death, supplies were dropped in by planes, and commuters were stranded. (Woah, and we thought last year was bad!! See video above.)

  • Credit: Getty Images/ Johannes Simon
    Credit: Getty Images/ Johannes Simon

    Northern Idaho Ice Storm of 1961

    This three day ice storm between Grangeville and the Canadian border brought in freezing rain, dense fog, and sub-zero temperatures. 8 inches of ice actually set a national record for ice accumulation and the result was downed power lines and a lot of damage to trees and buildings.

  • Credit: Getty Images/ Alex Wong
    Credit: Getty Images/ Alex Wong

    The Sandpoint Blizzard


    The Sandpoint Blizzard of 1968-69 came without warning and brought in 82 inches of snow! 12 foot snowdrifts made traveling nearly impossible. What a nightmare!!

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    Oh did we ever set a record last year! Snowpocalypse goes down as one of the top 10 worst winters Idaho has ever seen! People couldn't get out of there neighborhoods, roofs collapsed, and kids were stuck at home on endless snow days. It's certainly a winter we'll be talking about for years to come!

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