Idaho's Governor Brad Little announced that he would sue President Joe Biden and his administration over a decision involving bears. Most folks in Idaho believe that the president should focus on Chinese Spy Balloons rather than taking on the state of Idaho over bears.

The state did not rush into its decision to sue the federal government.
Idaho petitioned the government to delist the grizzly bear because it doesn't qualify under the ESA, otherwise known as the Endangered Species Act. The Biden Administration needs to follow federal law because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was required to make a finding in 90 days which was supposed to happen last June. That didn't happen, and now it's go time.

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Is the governor alone on this one? No, according to the governor's release, the entire Idaho Congressional Delegation is behind the decision.

“Idaho’s entire congressional delegation and I are lockstep in our demand for answers from the federal government about grizzly bear delisting. Idaho has continually demonstrated leadership in species management, and we expect the federal government to uphold its duties in providing clarity around issues that greatly impact a variety of activities on the ground in our state,” Governor Little said.

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The governor does give the feds an opportunity to avoid a lawsuit. However, does anyone really believe that Joe and his crew are competent enough to avoid this suit? Let's face it, he should and the administration should obey federal law and get back to finding those Chinese Spy Balloons before someone shoots them down if they fly over Boise.

You can read the governor's letter here.

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