So now it is officially over, the president announced in a twitter from one of his employees because he's banned from Twitter, that there will be an official peaceful transition of power.  Are we better off now, than we were four years ago?The nation is split down the middle 50/50.  The people distrust both the media and government at historic levels.  Progressive government and media officials are calling for the president to be impeached, removed from office via the 25th amendment, and arrested.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The liberals want unlimited prosecution for those who broke into the Capitol Rotunda.  The Conservatives are blaming Antifa.  And the blame game continues.. Will the anarchy continue?  As Mrs.Miller likes to say to me, ' who is the adult in the room.'  Are there any adults politically left in the country?  Let's hope so.  Our country deserves better than this chaos that happened yesterday.

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Joe Biden says that he wants to be the president of all Americans.  Let's hope that he's not fibbing to the public.  America has to show the world that we can all get along.  The media must decide if they want to continue to air one side of the argument.  President Trump must now do what's best for the country.

The president's next move is to follow the lead of Idaho Governor Brad Little's leadership during the pandemic.  The governor has not taken the bait to escalate mask mandates and further restrictions.  Idahoans may disagree with him, however we've avoided anything close to the situation that happened in Washington DC yesterday.


In the end, dressing up wearing horns on your head does not further our Republic.  Breaking and entering the Capitol Rotunda will not win you the White House.  It's up to all patriots, left and right, to make the right choice and put country before partisanship.


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