Government officials across the country have begun to shutdown their states.  Joe Biden's prediction of a dark winter appears to become true, according to the various news reports. The Central Health District will meet on Friday to discuss the implementation of new restrictions.  The Idaho Statesman is urging the group to implement the mandates that would penalize noncompliance.  The city of Boise has issued its own mandates.  Residents are urged to turn in businesses and individuals if they're spotted without a mask on.

Don't we have better things to do?  Apparently not, according to one Ada County Commissioner from the Statesman:

We echo Central District Health board member Diana Lachiondo’s sentiments regarding the difficult decision facing board members.Following Tuesday night’s CDH board meeting, Lachiondo, an Ada County commissioner, tweeted:

“If your first reaction upon listening to the CDH meeting (and messaging me) is that your kids might miss out on basketball .... and not that we are out of ICU beds.... well, to quote Dr. (Anthony) Fauci, ‘I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.’”

If the health district wants folks to take this issue seriously, then it's time to cancel the rest of Boise State Football and the upcoming basketball season.  There's no way that the guidelines can be followed by playing football or basketball.  It is irresponsible for selected officials to decree that sports is more essential than going to church.

I do recall that the freedom to worship is guaranteed in the constitution.  As of right now, sports is not.  Do I wish we could get back to normal? Yes, however we cannot restrict everyone's freedom and then commence with a football game.  If we do, it sends the wrong message that few Idahoans will take seriously.

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