President Donald Trump has declared that he may have to 'shutdown' the Southern Border due to too many people trying to get into America.  The Border Patrol is overwhelmed and cannot handle the massive amounts of people from Mexico, Central and South America.

Border Patrol agents are now immediately releasing migrant families illegally entering the US from Mexico.According to the Associated Press, the number of migrants entering the county is so high that agents aren't able to process and briefly detain them all so they're letting them go. That means local governments are now having to pick up the slack for things such as housing and food.Border Patrol agents are still facilitating medical and criminal checks but people are not going through ICE, which manages deportation cases.

Arrests on the US-Mexico border have soared in recent months. Agents are on track to make 100,000 arrests in March.  Congressional Democrats have begun to once again prioritize the situation at the border.  Immigration Reform has been a polarizing issue in America going back to the second Bush Administration.

President Trump has repeatedly urged Congress to fund a Border Wall that would stop the flow of citizens seeking entry into this country.  The president could not get Congress to fund the Wall despite the Republicans having control of both houses of Congress.  He know faces an uphill task since the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, now control the House of Representatives.

President Trump recently declared a National Emergency because of the continued influx of people rushing the border.





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