Where did the time go?  Pre-Covid it looked like President Trump would be cruising to a historic reelection fueled by a roaring economy.  Then the China Virus hit, and Joe Biden won an abbreviated Democratic Presidential Primary Season.  Senator Bernie Sanders was once again a bridesmaid and not a bride.  The latest rumor is that Bernie will be Biden's pick for Secretary of Labor.  Can you say 'hello comrade worker?'

We now our entering the end game of the latest presidential campaign.  Here's what we'll be looking at from both presidential camps.

Joe Biden

Expect to see more of former President Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle along with Senator Kamala Harris.  Biden's spokesperson would not to commit to an event a day till election day.  It would be very odd that the Biden would stay in the basement instead of hitting the trail.  Perhaps his handlers worry about a gaff?  Or maybe Joe doesn't have the stamina to campaign at a vigorous level.  The Biden Camp will rely on surrogates to carry Biden's Banner.

President Donald Trump

The president has and always will be a campaign unto himself. You won't see any former Republican Officials carrying the president's water.  President Trump will be a hurricane of activity till election day.  Regardless of safety concerns, the president continues to draw massive crowds that rival those of 2016.  The president's path to reelection will be to use the formula that was so successful for him four years earlier.

It all comes down to?

Whether the recent polling is accurate?  Has the influx of early voting aided one candidate or the other?  Stay tuned true believe!


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