Former Boise State Football Coach Bryan Harsin continues to adjust to life in the Deep South. We thought we'd give you an update on what he's been up to as his Auburn Tigers get ready for the upcoming college football season.

First, the bad news, not everyone is enamored with Bryan Harsin. RJ Young of Fox Sports tweeted that the former Boise State HC was the 'worst this season' hire in the College Football.  Who is RJ Young and does it matter what a sports writer tweets?  In the crazy world of the SEC West that tweet made several publications including AuburnWire/USAToday.


Big Raise

Harsin's salary at Auburn is 5.25 million dollars per year for six years. He does get a raise of 100,000 per year, reports USA Today. That's a significant raise considering Harsin took home over 1.5 million dollars a year at Boise State. You can read the entire details of his deal and his coaching staff's by clicking here.

Golf Anyone?

Coach Harsin recently attended the Region's Golf Classic in Birmingham, Alabama. The annual pro-am is an event that draws current SEC Coached and past SEC Stars. Harsin admitted that his golf game had suffered due to his work commits in Boise. He was paired up with Bo Jackson and Charles Barkley. Before they teed off, Harsin was a guest with the two Auburn stars on Rick and Bubba Show. (There's nothing equivalent to Rick and Bubba in Idaho.

Working the offseason

The Auburn staff is working to bring in more players to the team via the transfer portal.  Harsin and OC Mike Bobo have made an impression on LSU Quarterback TJ Finley.  The QB tells that he likes the attention to detail of the Auburn staff.


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