The city of Boise has made it to the big time.  Recently the Pulitzer Prize winning Los Angeles Times did an in-depth profile on the quality of life in Boise, Idaho.  If you haven't read the story, you can do so by clicking the link here.  The headline really showed the warmth and underscored why so many folks from California want to come here.  Here it is, if you've forgotten:  Go back to California, Wave of newcomers fuel backlash in Boise.   Once again, the Times got it right.  People in Idaho are not friendly and that headline is not fake news.  Anyone who is reading this should tell all their friends that we actually have 'backlash brigades that patrol the Treasure Valley looking for people that are not from here.

Once again, there's not enough news going on in a major American city like Los Angeles or in the state of California.  Don't believe me, ask anyone from California, they'll tell you how great it is there.  Never-mind crime, the fires or the power outages, the Los Angeles Times focused on a former field goal kicker at Boise State, who lives here, but refuses to change his California license plates.

The gentleman was the victim of someone actually placing a printed card that said 'Go back to California, we don't want you here!'  Oh the aggression?  Forget robberies and car thefts, this element is truly all the news that's fit to print LA Times.!

The article reviews the ever escalating cost of homes in Boise.  They're right, in fact no one is buying homes here.  Real estate is flat.  If you're reading this and want to move here, it's cheaper in Wyoming.

Once again, thank you Los Angeles Times for letting your readers know the real story of life in the Treasure Valley.

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