The best perks about this job are when we get to connect with the community and learn more about what our Boise locals care about. Not only do we get excellent feedback, but we also get honest feedback.

We felt like asking you what the people of Boise need to stop doing with a fun fill-in-the-blank and the people pull through!

Why would we ask such a thing? Why not? The weekend is upon us and we want you to get what you want to off your chest. You can’t go into the weekend hanging onto this type of energy so we asked you to hit us with what you want to see come to a halt in the Treasure Valley. With so many responses, we’re picking our favorite ones for your entertainment or perhaps, maybe even as a PSA if you or someone you know is guilty of any of these things.

Here’s What The People of Boise Want You To Stop Doing

Fill in the blank: The people of Boise need to stop ______. We took the top responses and are sharing with you what the people want you to stop doing in Boise,

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Boise's population has absolutely boomed recently, but a lot of these newcomers come from warmer climates. If they hope to survive Idaho's winter, they should adopt this winter hobby.

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