The 2022 Treasure Valley God and Country Festival will take place in Nampa at the Ford Idaho Center. Unlike in previous years, most activities will be inside due to our current summer heat wave. The festival is the unofficial kickoff to celebrate our nation's independence, as the night will end with one of the area's largest fireworks displays. You can listen to patriotic music coordinating with the fireworks on KIDO Talk Radio at 107.5 FM or 580 AM starting at 10:15 pm.


I enjoy the God and Country Festival because it's a unifying event that celebrates faith, family, and freedom. You're likely to bump into Governor Brad Little or a famous music artist like Randy B Funk. Tonight's event will also feature several local church bands to entertain young and old folks. I marvel at these young people who are so committed to their faith and music.

God and Country 5

One of the highlights of tonight's program is the military induction ceremony where young recruits will swear their oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution.  These young patriots will soon be serving our nation in various branches of the military.  We are so honored to have so many young people who continue to sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedoms.

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What can you bring to tonight's show?  No food or drink can be brought into the Idaho Center, except for baby food and bottles. You can bring opened water bottles to fill in the drinking fountains if you wish. The God and Country Festival is free.  It's a perfect way to reaffirm your beliefs in our great nation.

Thank You God And Country
Kevin Miller, Townsquare Media

You can find out more information by clicking the link here. The Idaho National Guard will be flying a helicopter to the event around 4pm.  So please keep a lookout for that helicopter landing in Nampa tonight.

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