Pre-pandemic, everyone in the Treasure Valley enjoyed going out to a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some of us got used to order to go and eat at home since options were limited due to Covid restrictions. Now that the safety restrictions are over in Idaho, restaurants are seeing a welcomed increase in business.

The old adage, 'you don't know what you have till it's gone,' resonated when restaurants closed. Not only do we see a return to total capacity, but the Treasure Valley is now seeing several new restaurants move into our area.

We all go out to enjoy great food and the experience of being away from home. But what happens when things do not go as planned at your favorite dining choice? Have we become more patient, or are there certain things that drive you crazy, taking your gripes to social media and our favorite platform, talk radio?

With your entertainment in mind, we've compiled a list of the seven biggest Treasure Valley's biggest restaurant gripes.  Hopefully, you haven't experienced any of these stress builders during your night out.

Treasure Valley's 7 Badest Restaurant Gripes

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