It's getting close to that magical time of Summer Vacations.  Families across the country and the Treasure Valley have been saving their money, while counting down the days till it's time to getaway.  Whether it's a trip to the Oregon Coast, Seattle, Disney World, Disney Land, Lagoon, McCall, or some other destination, this Summer season will be one of the busiest ever according to experts.So which age group will spend the most money on their vacations?   According to a a new study, it's the age group of 18-34 years that will spare no expense for an experience.  Business Insider says that Millennials spend the most, and Gen Z is not too far behind them.  How much is too much?


Milleinnials will spend 5,000, or in some cases more, on their dream getaway.  The largest age cohort in American History travels thirty five days a year.  The generation that follows them, Gen Z, is just behind them traveling twenty nine days a year.  (Who gets that much vacation time?) 

Where do these two generations get their ideas for their time away?  90% of both cohorts say that Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are their sources for vacation ideas.  These two groups spend about 25% of their travel budget on flights.  They're very budget conscious when it comes to where they'll sleep at night.

Generation X, the smallest age cohort, is the group that travels the least only spending 26 days away from the grind.


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