Kevin Miller digs deep into the Parkland, Florida shooting with the local community of the Treasure Valley, as you shared your opinion on gun control, and the security of our schools. Take a listen below!  Several folks call in to voice their thoughts on the shooting in Florida.

Kevin Miller listens as callers explain that the loss of prayer and consequences in schools are to blame for the increase in violence.  Kevin Miller asks about the impact of violent video games on the thinking process of today's society.  Callers debate whether or not weapons / guns should be banned.  One man from California, called for the banning of the AR-15 Rifle.   Treasure Valley residents did not agree with his proposal.

Kevin Miller urged folks to pray for the victims in Florida and across the country.  He breaks the story that the FBI was warned about the suspect in the Florida shooting.  One caller said the solution is to install metal detectors and make schools 'hard targets.'




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