It’s time again for Promote Our Schools – Secure Our Future.. Kevin begins his “Spring semester” broadcasting from the campus of Columbia High School in Nampa.  Kevin Miller delivers an update on the shenanigans at the Idaho State House.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who are upset about the lack of conversation or debate on CBD Oils and the Second Amendment.   Interviews with students.. Other guests:  6:10 a.m. - Ken Blackwell from Securing America's Future Energy talks about President Trump's tariff increase idea ; 7:10 a.m. - Candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor Stephen Yates explains his platform.  He reveals to Kevin Miller what it's like on the trail.  Kevin Miller reports on a proposal to ticket drivers who drive too slow in the left hand lane on Idaho roads.8:10 a.m. - Law professor, best-selling author, Hollywood and cultural reporter James Hirsen reviews the Oscars.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners on the federal government suing California for not enforcing federal laws.

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