Today's guests: 6 a.m. - John Baker of the Foundation for Self Government comments on illegal immigration.  Kevin Miller breakdown last night's Democratic Presidential Debate from Miami, Florida.  He takes calls from listeners reacting to who they won the big battle of the libs.  Kevin Miller examines the cost of the city of Boise's be kind program.  He takes calls from listeners who say the mayor of Boise is wasting the city's money.  Kevin Miller looks at the life and death of Beth Chapman.  She died of Cancer at the age of 51.  Beth was a fixture on the Dog the Bounty Hunter Show on A & E.  Kevin Miller reports that the United States Supreme Court's decision concerning congressional districts.   ; 6:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland with a review of last night's Democrat presidential candidate debate.  ; 7 a.m. - Mark Meckler of Citizens for Self Governance says former member of congress are now making big bucks as lobbyists.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest involving the truck drivers who were arrested for hauling Hemp through the state of Idaho. ; 7:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Simon Owen reports Iran continues to thumb it's nose at the U.S. and it's allies ; 8:35 a.m. – Also from Fox, Jon Decker reports live from the White House.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to a local story asking the question, 'have Democrats taken over Idaho?'
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